Waxing is the process of removal of hair right from the root. This method of hair removal originated in Egypt. In 1150 BC, where it was reported that the bodies of women in Ramses III harem were smooth and hairless.

Some of the benefits of waxing is smooth and even skin. When waxing, you not only remove unwanted hair, you also remove dry and dead skin cells in the process.

•With waxing, there are no cuts that can leave you with scars.

•Unwanted hair are removed directly from its roots leaving less chances of in-grown hair.

• Just because there are minimal or no chemicals involved, there are no chances of irritation.

• Hair re-growth is slower taking 4-6 weeks to grow out and quite a number of clients realize the hair becomes softer and finer.

There are somany other reasons for waxing but we’d love to point out these few. For a beautiful and even skin book a wax session with us today!

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