We all are aware of the compulsory night facial routine, but what about the morning facial routines? Only a few of us remember before we start off our busy daily activities. Starting your day with a morning skin care routine is as important as night. It can help you look great throughout the day. Here’s a guide on the steps to take for an early morning facial routine.


If you do a full night-time cleanse in which you remove make-up and dirt, then you can start by cleansing with water.

However, if you’re skeptical, try using a konjac sponge which is a gentle exfoliating sponge that’s made from the konjac root. The natural clays help to naturally cleanse the skin without, again, stripping oil.


After cleansing, use hydrosol to add a water barrier to your skin. This helps to act as a good foundation for all that is to come next. Best hydrosols have small amounts of essential oils such as lavender or rose, which are great for helping the actives penetrate into the skin.


Now it’s time for “the doers.” These are products that contain ingredient like salicylic acid which is meant to achieve a certain effect. These are considered “actives”. They tend to be the “brightening” products or “correctors.” These products, plus serum work on certain issues, or gives benefits to the skin.


Moisturizer is great for all skin types even if you claim to have an oily skin. Add oil by patting it on face and then massaging in to the skin with upward strokes for a few minutes. This helps to work the product into the skin, making you feel pampered with a mini-facial massage.


You should always apply sunscreen before leaving your house. Sunscreen helps to protect the skin from hyperpigmentation and other skin damage from the sun rays. Gently pat product on every exposed part o0f your skin.

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