What is actually Brazilian wax? Well this is a detailed form of pubic hair grooming. Brazilian wax removes all hair from your bikini area, leaving a smooth/soft skin.

Shaving isn’t so pretty since it causes dark and coarse hair regrowth and other skin irritation and discomfort, such as razor bump and ingrown hairs. Waxing usually allows hair to grow straighter and finer.

Ready to get waxed?

If you have read the benefits of having a Brazilian wax and you are finally ready to get one, you’d have to prepare yourself for a session. Below are points that could help you get prepared.

Get your Wax done Before or After Your Time of the Month:
Waxing comes with its own form of pain and you should note that during your time of the month your skin gets really sensitive. So, you are advised not to have your wax session 3 days before or 3 days after your time of the month to reduce the pain. You also shouldn’t have it done during your time of the month to avoid being messy.

Comfortable Clothing:
After a wax you become quite sore and you aren’t advised to put in tight or fitted outfits to avoid bruising the sore skin more. You can wear free gowns. After a day you become less sore.

Be prepared Mentally
Most of us won’t be comfortable being naked from the waist down and also have a new face work down there. This is a normal feeling but with time you’d get used to it. Always have it in mind that the wax therapist is a professional and likely has seen it all.

Everyone’s pain thresholds varies. Some people’s Brazilian wax might be really painful and others not so painful. There’s nothing to be scared about, though; you can lessen the pain of a Brazilian wax by taking a pain reliever 1 hour before your wax to take the edge off. Another tip is to use a numbing anaesthetic spray to make you feel better.

Try exfoliating a day before and take a shower before your wax session.

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