Dealing with Fidgety clients as a Lash Artist

Hey guys so today we going to talk about fidgeting clients as a Lash Artist
We all know applying lash extensions requires a steady hand and lots of patience. Ideally clients will lay still and sometimes even fall asleep while the lashes are being installed. However sometimes we encounter clients that move around, twich or have flutter eyes.Even though this can be very annoying and even slows down the process it is a very coomon situation every lash artist must learn to work around.

We have compiled a few tips from our lash artist team on how to deal with fidgety clients as well as helping the clients relax.

1) Be Patient Lash Artist.
Make the clients understand that they are the reason you are there and you’re ready to be patient with them as they get comfortable. Help them calm down and relaxed by being visibly calm yourself.

2)  Talk a bit less.
While it’s best to talk to the client and develop some sort of familiarity with them and generally create a friendly environment. With fidgety clients like this, its best to talk less as people tend to move their faces or hands a lot more while they talk.However if the clients is very talkative, you of course do not ignore them but you kindly and politely mention to them although you enjoy the conversation, that any extra movement makes it difficult for you to fill their lashes. Most clients will likely rather be told (kindly) to hold still a bit, if it means that their lashes will be fuller when they leave.

3)  Create a calming ambiance
If the lashing environment is calm and relaxing, clients are very likely to internalize that energy and be calm themselves and maybe even fall asleep which greatly reduces any eye movements. Things like soothing music with calming scents like lavender help with this.

4) Check in and ask questions.
If you client is fidgeting or moving a round a lot, or their eyes are squinting or fluttering, check with them to make sure that they are comfortable. Is the light too bright? Are the eye pads stinging or pinching at all? Do they need a blanket or extra pillow under their knees? Your client may not want to sound needy, and therefore might not voice discomforts until asked.

Dealing with a client who moves around a lot can make it very difficult for you to perform a lash service, as well as nerve-wrecking when working with sharp tools near their eyes. We have found that if you make these slight adjustments, and are kind yet informative as to why their fidgeting can be difficult for you, they are likely to focus on calming down and moving around less. After all, clients come to you because they want their lashes to be full and beautiful!

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