Do you know lashes play a vital role in bringing out the subtle beauty of a lady? However the length and health of your your lashes also matter.  No matter how seasoned you are at applying fake lashes, the struggle of actually putting them on is real when your lashes are pretty short. When your lashes are short or not healthy enough there is high tendency for your lashes to not last as long as expected. So, we would be sharing with you tips to improve your lash health and of course great lash serum products you can easily pick up from the store on any of your appointments.

1. Brush the dirt off your lashes: so ladies you know how you love  those glittery eye shadows or love to go for rides with the windows down? During these fun periods your lashes tends to save your eyes from dirt particles. These tiny particles are trapped in your lashes and would need to be removed, so you make use of a lash brush.

2. Swipe with green tea: Due to the fact that green tea contains some significant amount of flavonoids and caffeine it is nice to swipe on your eye lids, of course when you do not have lash extensions on. This could slightly help increase the length and thickness of your lashes. However, a lash serum gives a quicker and stronger result.

3. Lash Serum: The positive  effect of a good lash serum cant be over-emphasized.  Not only does it help with the length it also helps with its healthy look. The colour of your hair tells alot about its health. Getting the perfect serum wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Starting from October, all you need do is request for or it would be recommended by our lash technician on duty.

Photo Credit: Getty