Hey Gorgeous!

So you’ve been eager to try out our semi natural lashes and have been having mixed feelings. Okay here’s the deal. Having false lashes installed isn’t as scary as most people assume. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most relaxed moments you will have.

Let me share with you some tips you might need when coming to any of our branches in Lagos for a lash installation session .

Have a proper shower before your appointment…

This is due to the fact that your lashes needs 24-48 hours to bond with your semi permanent lashes. Be wary of moist or oily substances getting close to your lashes. Eliminate contact with water and give your lashes time to properly dry.

Remove Contact Lens

Wearing contacts during lash session is totally not advisable as this can cause discomfort which in turn leads to movement of eyelids from the attempt of trying to be comfortable. The movements distracts the lash artist and your lashes might not come out as awesome as it should.

No Distractions (Cell Phones and Beverages)

Talking, chewing, movement of facial muscles affects the lash lids which in turn interrupts your lash session. When coming imagine your lash session to be a period for you to relax and meditate after a long week or month.

Do not put on make-up or facial creams/oil

The higher the amount of oil on your face during your lash session the more likely it is for your lashes to fall off faster. Also coming in with a cleaner face saves you more time getting your lashes done.

Dress Comfortable

Laying down from 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes do not require tight uncomfortable clothes. Coming in, bear in mind you are coming to relax and be pampered. So dress as comfortable as possible.

Do not wear Mascara

We know a lot of you feel uncomfortable without your lash extensions but for your lashes to last longer, avoid wearing mascara before your session.