Sometimes you just want to go out all natural, whether you are heading to the gym or a close by grocery store but those scanty eyebrows won’t let you and this can be rather frustrating. Having a full and healthy eyebrows shouldn’t be a luxurious choice but an available one. Below are some natural therapies that have been well researched and would give that desired result you’ve dreamt of.

1. Coconut oil

It’s no news that coconut oil has been increasing in popularity due to it’s great advantage when it comes to it’s benefit towards Skin and Hair. It is also used as both a cooking oil and a dietary supplement. To use coconut oil for your eyebrows, simply rub a moderate quantity in your fingers and massage on eyebrows before going to bed.

2. Tea tree oil

By creating a moisturizing barrier for cellular and follicular health, tea tree oil can purportedly stimulate eyebrow growth and thickness

Apply daily to your brows and leave on overnight. Please note that the oil may cause an allergic reaction called dermatitis in some people therefore, before using tea tree oil for eyebrows, test the product on a small part of your skin, like your legs or arms.

3. Lavender oil

Although Lavender oil is perhaps best known for its calming effects but when applied to the surface of the skin, it is thought to combat hair loss. Lavender extracts should only by applied on the surface on the skin and never taken orally as it can be very poisonous. Massage oil on eyebrow before sleep.

Please note that if you are not an eyebrow or lash technician and you aren’t well trained in grooming of brows you should go to a brow specialist for proper brow grooming.

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