It seems your lashes fall out faster than everybody else’s even when you had them done in the same place and time. This could be pretty much annoying considering the money and time involved.

Calm Sis😀. So, here’s the deal…. For your lashes to last a considerable period of time, it has to be well taken care of. Just like every other thing, lash extensions have their shelf life. Check out tips below to help your lashes last longer than before.

No Steam Baths

What do you think when you spend long minutes in steam baths with your eyes directly under the shower?
You are right!
The lash glue tends to weaken which causes your lashes to fall out faster. No matter how long you have had your lashes on, the heat and pressure from steam baths easily break the firm hold of the lash glue.
(Lolz someone says we could use goggles in showers 😂)

Can I wear mascara?

We advise you stay far away from mascara. Although you can apply to the tip of your lashes but cleaning it off becomes a problem so it’s best you do without them except your lashes are old and close to removal.


You know those tiny brushes that look like mascara wands? Yes, it is called a spoolie. So you get to have one or two spoolies each time you pay us a visit but it has to be used. It is like a little comb for your lashes to keep them aligned. If you wake up in the morning with tangled lashes or you get a piece of lint in them, use it.


Who says looking pretty isn’t good business?
So you love your facebeat and you are wondering if it’s okay to apply that one eyeshadow that you have been dieing to try out. Well the good news is makeup is allowed and the hard news is there are RULES…

Oil-free cosmetics only: When applying your makeup, ensure all products are oil free including your face cleanser and toners.

Do not use waterproof mascara: For the die hard mascara fans if you must use mascara on the tip of your lashes, avoid water proof mascara. it turns out that this type of mascara is quite difficult to remove from false lashes, and can damage your extensions when you try to remove it.

Cleaning Your Makeup: Do you know blepharitis? Well it is an unsightly inflammation of your eyelids that is caused by bacteria that has been on your skin for a while. You risk having blepharitis when you don’t properly remove your makeup at night. So here’s how to clean off your eye make-up.

Cotten swabs: You know those areas you can’t reach with cotten balls or pads, gently get to them with cotten swabs.

Be Gentle: It’s late and you just want to go to bed but you don’t want to wake up with weak lashes, therefore be gentle as you clean.

Avoid Cotten Pillows: When you use a satin pillow when you sleep, the smooth surface won’t catch on your eyelashes like cotton fibers do. Also, you will wake up with nicely kept hair.

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