Tres Chic Training Academy

Tres Chic training academy will be offering classes on different lash techniques by well trained instructors with over 10 years combined experience. The academy is in a stand alone facility designed specifically for training to ensure that there are no distractions.

Our trainers have both local and international certifications in Lash Artistry. This means that our training modules and topics will reflect both local expectation and international standards.

Our Courses & Packages:

Classic Extensions Application Basic Training: This is the foundation class for all aspiring lash artists. It gives a strong base to build on for other more advanced courses and the knowledge passed on here cannot be emphasized. It is important that all students have a solid foundation in lash art techniques to provide the best service to their clients.

Course Fee: N50,000 (Kit exclusive)

Course Duration: 3-Days

Classic Extension Application Advanced Training: This is an advanced class for classic extension application and will be combined with the foundation class. The course delves in-depth into subjects like: lash math, lash styling, lash direction, lash mapping, lash math to give students a better understanding of Lash artistry.

Course Fee: N70,000 (Kit exclusive)

Course Duration: 4-Days

Volume Extension Application Basic Training (2D-4D): This lash technique requires multiple extensions on the natural lash to give a fuller appearance to one’s lashes. It is a more popular technique and it requires a solid foundation in classic extensions application to gain mastery. Students must show they have prior knowledge in Classic lash extension application before being admitted for this course

Course Fee: N70,000 (Kit exclusive)

Course Duration: 3-Days

Combined Lash Extension Course: This is a combination of Classic and Volume basic courses for those that want to fast track their learning outcome and go right to business. This course will require that students have the capacity to assimilate compressed information in a short space of time.

Course Fee: N100,000 (kit exclusive)

Course Duration: 5-Days

Lash Kit:

Lash trays, Tweezers, Under eye pads, Lash glue, Jade stone, Lash remover, Lash Shampoo, Mascara Wands, Air blower, Micropore tape.

Weekday Classes

Day 1: Theory
Day 2 to 3: Mannequin practice.
Day 4 to 5: Live model (to be provided by trainee)


Weekend Classes

Saturdays and Sundays


Please kindly note that all payments are non-refundable.


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