Treat your hands to a soothing soak followed by a cuticle exfoliation. Sit back and relax while the bubbling foot spa gently releases tension and soaks your feet into submission.

Next comes a stimulating exfoliation and toe nail / cuticle trim, which is followed by a heavenly full foot massage and rich moisturizer which leaves your feet perfectly prepped for any occasion.

Whether polished nails are a treat or an everyday essential, OPI Gel Colour is the latest super product for professional looking nails.

Tres Chic Beauty Bar has a great range of OPI Gel Colour. Staying on between 2 – 4 weeks. A unique LED light cures each layer so that you leave the salon with perfectly dry and chip-free nails

To create the perfect, even set of nails, you have a choice of acrylic or gel nail extensions, as well as infills for your existing extensions. As you would expect from Tres Chic Beauty Bar, all the products used are top quality from OPI.

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  • Change of Polishline₦1000
  • Stick-Online₦3000
  • Acrylic_₦4500
  • Refill_₦3500
  • Dissolvingline₦500
  • Glass Nailsline₦5000
  • French Tip Nailsline₦5000
  • French Polishline₦1500
  • Shellac / Gel Nail Polishline₦3000
  • Chrome Manicureline₦5000
  • Spa Manicureline₦3000
  • Spa Pedicure (Ladies)line₦5000
  • Spa Pedicure (Gents)line₦6000