At Tres Chic Beauty Bar , we believe that beauty is in the EYE of the beholder. As artists, we know that the right lashes can enhance your beauty and put some major style in your step! Our goal in every service we preform is to have you walking out the door looking amazing, feeling uber-confident & ready to take on the world.

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  • Brow Tintingline₦2000
  • Lash Tintingline₦2000
  • Semi-Permanent Volume Lashes (Natural)line₦15000
  • Semi-Permanent Volume Lashes (Full)line₦20000
  • Semi-Permanent Volume Lashes (Natural Refill)line₦7500
  • Semi-Permanent Volume Lashes (Full Refill)line₦10000
  • Siberian mink refillline₦10000
  • Volume Lashes refillline₦7500
  • Hybrid Lashes refillline₦6000
  • Classic Lashes refillline₦6500
  • Volume Siberian Minkline₦25000
  • Hybrid Siberian Minkline₦18000
  • Classic Siberian Minkline₦10000
  • 6D Volume Lashesline₦20000
  • 2D Volume Lashesline₦15000
  • Hybrid Lashesline₦12000
  • Classic Lashesline₦10000