Acquiring essential beauty habits when seeking for healthy natural eyelashes is important. Your beauty habits as well as the food you consume play a major role in giving you that stunning set of natural lashes. If you are going to have gorgeous pair of lashes then the tips below are for you.

Mild Make-up Removal

The quality of your make-up remover as well as the manner you wipe off your make-up is a major key to supporting lash growth. When buying lash products, harsh chemicals must be avoided. When cleaning off make-up, most people believe being rough is the key to getting every single bit of make-up off the lashes but this would only cause harm. The trick is to soak a cotton ball with mild make-up remover and let it sit on the lashes for a bit before wiping off gently.

Another gentle makeup removal method is the oil cleansing method, where an oil-based makeup remover is gently massaged into the eye area, dissolving and loosening any makeup for an easy rinse-off. An oil-based makeup remover also does double duty of lightly conditioning eyelashes, keeping them from becoming dry, brittle, and breaking off.

Go Easy on Falsies

Sometimes our Lash Artists advice some clients to let their lashes breathe and grow for a while ( likely 2 months) before fixing new set of lashes. This happens when the artist notices the client’s lashes are worn out and need repair. While there is some advice to skip strip lashes in favor of individuals or clusters because they’re supposedly less harsh, at the end of the day – you could still be damaging your natural lashes. It is advised that if you regularly fix your lashes, you should give your lashes a break after every 2 months.

Lash serum

A lash serum is important because it helps conditions and provides moisture to eyelashes. The same way the hair on your head needs moisture, eyelashes can become dry and damaged if not taken care of. Whether that’s from excessive eye rubbing, using drying mascara, or too much lash glue – at the end of the day, they need a deep-conditioning treatment. It is known that a lash serum can also help support healthy lash growth as a matter of fact some are formulated with natural extracts that boost circulation and encourage lash growth.

Brush those babies

You should know that brushing your lashes is a way to keep your lashes growing the way you want them to. You also don’t have to buy a specific spoolie/eyelash brush to do this , it’s an amazing way to upcycle old mascara brushes to use as eyelash brushes.

Collagen supplement

Like I said earlier, what we eat plays a vital role one our overall looks.- whether that’s our skin, hair, nails, our diet influences everything – including our eyelashes. Collagen is an incredibly well-known beauty supplement that improves skin suppleness, supports hair growth, and boosts nail growth.