You want to go bougie but worried you’d probably not be able to do those everyday things? Well not everyone is a pro in getting their necklaces hooked or picking up a pin with lengthy nails. Just because you are wearing short nails doesn’t mean you won’t be stylish so here’s a few color tips to spice up your day. ,Would you also like to make your nails look longer? Well stay on the train cause we are serving that too.

The color you pick can make your nails look longer or visually short. Experts suggest going for dark colors like black, burgundy and navy blue for length. These colors don’t choose seasons or occasions so you do not have to bother if it’s adequate for the event. Our Minimalist aren’t left out, nude, beige and pastel shades can suitably make your short nails look longer.

Nude Samples

Beige Samples

Burgundy Samples